Ascribo AB is a company that develops a new generation of products for machine monitoring. The products are based on a new patented method, Adaptive Impact Recovery® (AIR), which is unique in the market and can analyze both slow and fast rotating machines. Our technology is tested and reliable. Our products are associated with easily interpreted analyzes, quality and availability of a 24/7 cloud solution.Ascribos ambition is to profile itself as the company that makes vibration analysis available to more companies than before. We will do this through a simple installation that the customer can handle by themselves, measuring everything by the same sensor and analyzes presented in an educational way that does not require vibration experts. Of course, we are offering a more detailed analytical framework for machine owners who desire it. The basis of our work is the patented method AIR which provides efficient analyses at lower cost.

The products help companies to detect and warn of initial machine faults at an early stage in order to reduce maintenance costs and increase production. Our customers can take the machines’ history and status into consideration when conducting planned maintenance. We offer cost effective solutions for online monitoring and patrolling for both large installations and individual machines. With our cloud solution there is no requirement that machine owners must install their own computer systems. Our analysis system Able Monitor is always available if the user has internet access. The user can use desktop PCs and mobile devices such as smart phones.