Able Box Bearing

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Entry level package for bearing analysis. Using Able Box Bearing the machine owner can monitor most types of moving machines. Able Box Bearing can identify and monitor incipient damage to bearings, gears and imbalances that may cause acute production stops. Using the Able Box Bearing entry level package a machine is monitored using an Able Sens-A, 3-axis sensor and an Able Sens-H hall sensor which measures RPM. Able Box Bearing is limited to one machine. The measurements of Able Box Bearing are fixed and are performed every other day, all year round. Using the application Able Monitor the status of the machine can be efficiently monitored via the Internet both from workstations and mobile devices such as smart phones.


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What does Able Box Bearing measure?

Thanks to the unique method of analysis, Adaptive Impact Recovery® (AIR), Able Box Bearing can identify increasing vibration patters, Overall Vibration Level OVL. Behind increasing OVL-values it is often possible to find damage to bearings, imbalances, loose machine parts and/or abnormal gear meshes. Using Able Box Bearing the machine owner can be alerted whenever the machine’s total vibration level is increasing. In Able Box Bearing RPM and temperature is also displayed. All the measured data is collected using Able Sens-A sensors.

Able Monitor

Able Monitor is a cloud application that the machine owner can access from workstations as well as mobile devices such as smart phones.  Using Able Monitor the machine owner get a simple to use overview on all connected machines in informative and easy to interpret diagrams. When limits are exceeded alerts can be sent using SMS and e-mail.

Trend curves displaying indications of damage to a bearing.


Adaptive Impact Recovery® (AIR)

AIR is a unique and patented method for reliable vibration analysis. The method makes it possible to use low frequency sensors of MEMS type that measure on a frequency of 0-2 kHZ. AIR utilizes an adaptive linear filter to recreate shock pulse findings that indicate bearing damage.

Thanks to AIR exact and reliable analyses are performed on rolling bearings. The method also makes it possible to measure low speed machines.

Using the AIR method together with Able Sens-A sensors the machine owner can monitor both complex machines such as gear boxes as well as low speed machines such as mills. The unit of the bearing analyses is Bearing Fault Indication, BFI, which is a definitive value on how large the finding is and is therefore easily to interpret in the graphs of the analyses. The bearing analysis presents the value from the latest measurement as well as in easy to interpret trend curves. The trend curve displays incipient damage at an early stage and the user can follow the development over time. The latest and previous measurements can, when needed, be analyzed more deeply using frequency analysis.

You can follow the machine events as they unfold in the cloud application Able Monitor.

OVL, ISO 10816-3

The machine’s total vibration is presented according to the ISO 10816-3 standard, Overall Vibration Level, OVL. Using OVL increased vibrations can be detected which in turn indicate that there is something amiss with the machine. It may be the case of damage to bearings, imbalances, abnormal gear meshes or loose machine parts. Measurements are performed with Able Sens-A 3-axis sensors.

A bar chart displays the latest measurement and a line chart shows the collected historic result in a trend analysis over time for one machine. Limits for alerts can be easily implemented on each machine according to the requirements of the machine owner.

Together with Able Sens-A sensors, OVL makes it possible to measure both complex machines such as gear boxes and low speed machines such as mills. You can follow the machine events as they unfold in the cloud application Able Monitor.


Bar chart displaying the five largest bearing findings in one site.


Trend curve displaying vibrations, Overall Vibration Level, OVL according to ISO 10816-3 for one machine.


Temperature and RPM

In Able Monitor temperature as well as RPM can be displayed from each sensor.

Contents of the box

The box contains:

  • 1 pc Able Gateway
  • 1 pc Able Sens-A
  • 1 pc Able Sens-H
  • Connectors
  • 20 m of cable
  • Mounting instructions

*Holder for hall sensor Able Sens-H NOT included.