Able Sens-A

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Able Sens-A, AIR for measuring vibrations.

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Able Sens-A is a MEMS-based, 3-axis, general vibration sensor with a digital interface. The sensor is adapted for measurements with zero to average frequency and designed to be used in an Able Systems installation. With its robust construction and built-in temperature sensor Able Sens-A is suitable for a wide spectrum of applications in condition monitoring and vibration analysis.


Technical Data

Supply Voltage:                             24 VDC
Sensor Element Type:                 Triaxial
Measurement Range:                   +/- 18g
Measurement Freq. Range:         0 – 5000 Hz (5% fl atness)
Communication Protocol:

MODBUS Baud rate:                     115200
Data bits:                                                 8
Parity:                                               None
Stop bits:                                                 1

Operating Temperature Range:    -30 to +75 °C
Ingress Protection:                        IPx7

Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Supply Voltage Range:                   6.5 to 35
VDC RS-485 A w.r.t. GND:            -10VDC to +15VDC
RS-485 B w.r.t. GND:                    -10VDC to +15VDC

Pinout:                                              1. RS-485 B     2.  RS-485 A     3.  +24 VDC     4.  GND

Case Material:                                  Aluminium
Mounting:                                         M8×1
Approvals:                                        CE
Dimensions:                                     See Drawing
Weight:                                             100 grams
Mating Connector:                            Male M12 (A-Coded) (4-pos)


Able Sens

Able Sens comes in three variants. Able Sens-A, AIR for measuring vibrations, Able Sens-H hall sensor for measuring RPM and Able Sens-P for the patrolling product Able Patrol.