Condition monitoring accessories

Able Systems is a flexible system for condition monitoring which can be easily expanded upon based on the requirements of the machine owner. The possibilities to increase the number of measuring point is near limitless. Each gateway can be connected to hundreds of sensors without limitations in channels. Multiple gateways can be used at one site or at different sites. A company with several production units in various geographical locations can coordinate monitoring and therefore utilize employees and competence in an optimal way. Accessories can be purchased from Ascribo AB or from resellers.

Able Gateway
Able Gateway comes in two variants, Able Gateway E for connecting to an Ethernet network and Able Gateway 3G for sending measurement data to Able Server using 3G. The gateway may advantageously be mounted in a cabinet in the vicinity of the machines.

Able Sens
Able Sens comes in three variants. Able Sens-A, AIR for measuring vibrations, Able Sens-H hall sensor for measuring RPM and Able Sens-P for the patrolling product Able Patrol.

ConnectorsVisa sida
Phoenix Contact, M12-SPEEDCON, 4-core, A-coded, screw connection, metal groves, cable gland Pg7, IP67

Standard cabling CAT 5

Sensor covers, Cable covers, Cabinets etc.
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